Clipbook Classic White (Personal)

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Make of me what you fill. 
Clipbook provides the simplicity of a notebook without the limitations of a bound book. 
Features a soft and supple pastel leather-look cover with subtle grain effect.

  • flexible capacity - expands when you add more pages and shrinks down when you want less
  • lies flat and can be folded back
  • storage space for a pen
  • hang your keys/charms on the external rings
  • includes undated diaries and a selection of notepaper
  • refills available

Size: Personal

Contents: front sheet, 15 ruled sheets, 15 quadrille sheets, 15 plain sheets, 1 foldout double-sided undated year planner, 6 foldout double-sided undated month planners, 13 undated week on two page diary sheets, 5 tasks/to do sheets

Closure: No Closure

Material: Leather-look

Depth: 20mm
Width: 135mm
Height: 174mm